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Since its establishment in 2010, the Department of Supply Chain and Information Management has been dedicated to develop and offer high-quality undergraduate and post-graduate programmes that support local and global development in information technology innovations, business logistics, and aviation management.

Our programmes are designed to nurture professionals to support the rapid development of the region and the surging needs for high calibers in the era of digitization. Our students win awards in many institutional competitions and our graduates'   working performance and achievements are also widely recognized by employers in various industry sectors including transport & logistics, trading & retailing, professional consulting service and banking.

Apart from educational training, we build strong connections with industries and professional associations to jointly launch internship programmes and mentorship scheme. We collaborate with industrial partners to organize academic and scholarly events including conferences, seminars, and symposiums and conduct impactful research that has a profound effect on the long-term development of the society.  
Our colleagues have published many research papers in top journals such as Journal of Operations Management, Operations Research, International Journal of Production Economics, European Journal of Operational Research and Transportation Science. On average, we get research sponsorships and grants for over a million annually.

We will enhance our programmes curriculum by introducing the application of AI, big data analytics, fintech, blockchain, and e-commerce. We will also strengthen and extend the collaboration with industrial partners in providing job placement/internship and scholarships, and in conducting policy and applied research.

Dr. Stephen NG
Head of Department of Supply Chain and Information Management