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Words from Graduates

Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Supply Chain Management (BBA-SCM)


Wong Kin Cheung
Having spent four years in HSMC, I am confident to say that it s one of the most memorable experiences in my life. I have gained all-rounded exposure throughout these years as a student. The knowledgeable, passionate and friendly professors have taught me many practical supply chain theories. I have also met a lot of friends and colleagues and together we have overcome various obstacles. The projects and internship allowed me to put my knowledge into practice. The environment here can definitely nurture future professionals. It has transformed me into a better learner, friend and person. I sincerely appreciate those who supported me in my journey of learning. I am proud to be a graduate of the School of Decision Sciences and, of HSMC.


Chui Hoi Man

With an outstanding teaching team and full supports from the College, these may help create a competitive edge for my future job hunting and studies.

Bachelor of Management Science and Information Management (Honours)(BMSIM)

Chan Chun Hong
At HSMC, I have always felt supported. The Bachelor of Management Science and Information Management (BMSIM) programme has enriched me intellectually. I acquired a wide scope of knowledge and various skills, ranging from business concepts to practical techniques. Our professors were very kind and supportive. The learning experience was absolutely fantastic. The faculty have guided me academically and provided me with lots of training and opportunities. All of these have made me ready for career advancement and I am in a stronger position to further my studies in well-renowned university. Last month, I received a job offer from one of the world’s largest consultancy firms which I had been dreaming to join for years. I am glad I have chosen BMSIM that enabled me to grow and accomplish my career goals.

Yu Chi San
The Bachelor of Management Science and Information Management (BMSIM) is a programme that has broadened my professional knowledge in business analyses, consultancy, IT software and problem-solving. It is my pleasure to be one of the graduates of BMSIM. BMSIM aims to cultivate business analysts to act as a bridge between business and information technology. Such analysts can then help companies to operate smoothly. As we are now in the age of big data, business analysts are playing an increasingly important role in private and public organisations. In the four-year studies in BMSIM, we have learnt how to use different up-to-date software for business analyses. I certainly think that all of these have benefited my career as most big companies have been adopting such tools. More importantly, the training from BMSIM has given me the edge in the job market. With our professors’ sincere support, I have equipped myself thoroughly and I am very much ready to be a professional analyst in my future career.

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