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Department of Supply Chain and Information Management - Experiential Learning Series I

The Experiential Learning Series organised by the Department of Supply Chain and Information Management was held on 22 Feb 2018. 38 DSE SSSDP applicants participated in the event.

Dr George Ho and Dr Stephen Ng introduced the BMSIM and BBA-SCM Programme and their career prospect respectively to the participants. The DSE participants were then split into five teams to play the beer game with the facilitation by our academic team. The DSE students enjoyed playing the game and grasped some preliminary understanding of the complexity of supply chain and information management. They also understood the importance of coordination among different key players (retailer, distributor, manufacturer, and supplier) in the course of the game. Finally, Dr Tommy Cheung and Dr Connie Liu gave closing remarks and debriefed the purpose of the games.

Dr George Ho gave a brief introduction to BMSIM Programme

Dr Stephen Ng introduced BBA-SCM Programme

The instruction of the Beer Game was given by our academic team

Participants enjoyed the game