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SCM Mentorship Scheme 2019/20

SCM Mentorship Scheme aims to provide BBA-SCM and BMSIM students with the opportunity to learn and receive career and professional development advice and guidance from industry professionals and experts.

In the 2019/20 academic year, the first mentor-mentee meeting was held on 11 January 2020. All mentees attended this meeting and had a better understanding of the Scheme and met with their mentors for the first time.

At the beginning of the event, Dr Danny Ho, Scheme Coordinator welcomed all our mentors and mentees, and mentors briefly introduced themselves. Dr Jack Wu then led an ice breaking game, facilitating participants to get to know each other. After the fun game, KWAN Tsz To (BBA-SCM student) shared how his participation in the scheme (2018/19) helped his personal development. He also thanked his mentor for letting him know more about the industry. Dr Danny Ho also took this opportunity presenting souvenirs to all mentors for appreciating their support to our students and the Department. Before the ending, mentors and mentees exchanged contacts and organised next meetings. The event concluded with dynamic and fruitful conversations between mentors and mentees. 

KWAN Tsz To, 2018/19 mentee (middle) took photo with his mentor, Mr. Wil LEUNG and the Scheme Coordinator, Dr. Danny HO

Group photo of mentors and academic staff of the SCM Department

Group photo of mentors, mentees and academic staff of the SCM Department