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SCM Mentorship Scheme 2020/21 – Mentor’s Sharing Talk #3

The SCM Mentorship Scheme aims at grabbing opportunities for BBA-SCM and BMSIM students to boost their professional development through learning from industry experts. A series of sharing sessions was organized for students to equip up-to-date knowledge at first hand from the mentors of the scheme.

The Mentor’s Sharing Talk #3 on “Latest Retail and Supply Chain Trends under post-COVID” was held on 16 September 2021. The speaker was our mentor, Mr. Leo Lo (CEO, TecRetail Ltd.).

At the beginning, Dr. Cathy Lam gave a brief introduction of Mr. Lo to the students. Leo then started to share his view about the trends of omnichannel, top supply chain technologies and opportunities in COVID-19. After that, students actively asked Leo questions in the Q&A session which was led by Mr. Timothy Chau. Then, students played a game to win prizes. At last, Dr. Danny Ho concluded the talk and invited all participants to take a group photo and join the next round of the Mentorship Scheme.

Guest Speaker - Mr. Leo Lo, CEO, TecRetail Ltd.

All participants enjoyed the event.