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Workshop - E-Commerce for Retailers: Service Cloud Solution

A workshop entitled “E-Commerce for Retailers: Service Cloud Solution” was held on 7 Oct 2021 (Thu) by the Department of Supply Chain and Information Management.

The market of cloud computing solutions and services continues to grow more crowded and diversified. However, when we prepare a cloud application or adapt to the cloud, certain building blocks cannot be ignored. Cloud service is a contemporary technology for supply chain and information system development, therefore, department held the workshop for BBA-SCM and BMSIM students.

We are honoured to have Ms Kitty Kwok, Business Solutions Consultant of Superhub Limited, as our speaker. Ms Kwok is a dedicated and efficient full stack software engineer with substantial experience in planning, controlling, executing various IT cloud projects and solutions.

Ms. Kwok introduced the basic concepts of cloud services and different cloud providers.  She also outlined the major categories of cloud providers: IaaS (infrastructure as a service like AWS, Azure, Google), or PaaS and the different “real-life” use-cases.  The workshop covered the main building blocks of the web application hosted in the cloud such as computer instances, database and type of storages.  Furthermore, it also introduced networking, and the basic security setting in the cloud.  Participants gained hands-on experience in MS Azure.

Superhub awarded Innovative Tech. Development Award in Job Market’s Employer of Choice Awards 2020, and Microsoft Top CSP Direct Partner Award 2019. She is one of the active cloud and digital solutions providers in Hong Kong.

Ms. Kitty Kwok, Business Solutions Consultant of Superhub Limited

Over 20 students participated in the workshop.