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SCM Mentorship Scheme 2021/22 – Mentor’s Sharing Talk #2

The SCM Mentorship Scheme aims at providing opportunities for BBA-SCM and BMSIM students to advance their professional development through learning from industry experts. This time, our students got a valuable opportunity to prepare for their future career through learning from our scheme mentor Mr. Leo Lo (CEO, TecRetail Ltd.) who delivered an online talk on the “Journey from Freelance to APAC-Regional Company” on 27 May 2022.

At the beginning, Dr. Cathy Lam welcomed Mr. Leo Lo and students to join the talk. Then, Mr. Leo Lo shared his past experiences in starting a business and the obstacles faced from the beginning to growing the startup to be a regional company. During the talk, our students actively interacted with the speaker. They answered Mr. Leo Lo’s questions in the Chat room and asked questions in the Q&A session which was led by Dr. Danny Ho and Mr. Timothy Chau.  Near the end of the event, students participated in the game session to win prizes.

Mr. Leo Lo encouraged students to try out different things following their interests as "You Only Live Once" (YOLO). Participants felt inspired and were thankful to Mr. Leo Lo for this valuable and insightful talk.

Guest speaker - Leo Lo (CEO, TecRetail Ltd.)

Participants answered the question via the Chat room

All participants enjoyed the event.