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SCM Team Wins the 2nd Runner-up in the CILTHK Student Day 2021 Competition
The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in Hong Kong (CILTHK) hosts the annual Student Day with missions to raise young people’s concern about the current issues of logistics and transport in Hong Kong, and to encourage them to develop their future career in related industries. This year, the competition was held online in March amid the pandemic.
BBA-SCM Students Win the Best Innovative Solution in the Hong Kong Logistics Case Contest 2021
The Hong Kong Logistics Case Competition 2021 was held on 26 and 27 March 2021. Its aim is to promote practical problem-solving skills and creative thinking capability of our post-secondary logistics students to enhance their career development. This year, this competition also allows companies and education institutes to join.
GSCM Leadership Talk Series – #1 – Leading through uncertainty
“GSCM Leadership Talk Series – #1 – Leading through uncertainty” organised by the Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management Programme, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, co-organized by Policy Research Institute of Global Supply Chain, HSUHK and supported by HKSTLA, HKIE, CILTHK and HKLA, was held on 4 Mar 2021.
The First Mentor-Mentee Meeting of the SCM Mentorship Scheme 2020/21
The SCM Mentorship Scheme aims at providing BBA-SCM and BMSIM students opportunities to receive career and professional development advice and guidance from industry professionals and experts.
SCM Department participated in the 「I am… virtual expo」 held on 5 & 6 Dec 2020
Our department participated in the virtual expo on December 5 and 6 2020, which was organized by Hang Seng and St. James' Settlement, This helps students to stay abreast of market trends and provided information about the career development.
HSUHK Info Day 2020
The HSUHK Info Day 2020 was successfully held on 21 November 2020 via on campus and online streaming, in light of the Covid-19 situation. Over 250 visitors showed up on the HSUHK campus to learn more our academic programmes offered in the 2021-22 academic year.
Ming Pao Jump:「裝備供應鏈管理、管理科學與資訊管理知識 ‧ 恒大碩士加兩學士課程孕育工商IT雙料專才」
The Department of Supply Chain and Information Management offers "Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management" and two bachelor’s degree programmes: "Management Science and Information Management" and "Supply Chain Management", which provide training for students at different learning stages.

10th Asian Logistics, Maritime and Aviation Conference (ALMAC) - International Plenary Forum: “Leading Through New Paradigm of Global Logistics Risks under Uncertain Trading Landscape and Cyber Disruptions”
The 10th Asian Logistics, Maritime and Aviation Conference concluded with 35 thematic sessions staged and generated 23+ hours of insightful content. Thousands of worldwide business leaders and logistics service representatives from about 60 countries and regions joined the brand new digital experience to learn about the latest market trends, and interacted with each other through the ALMAC Online platform.
Ming Pao :「糅合嶄新科技課程 迎接數碼新世代」
Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Supply Chain Management and Bachelor of Management Science and Information Management (Honours) of the School of Decision Sciences are eligible programmes under the Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions/Sectors (SSSDP). In academic year 2020/21, a subsidy of HK$42,800 per academic year will be provided to Year 1 students admitted to the above programmes.
IAME 2020 Conference – Industry Session Forum: “Risk Management and Maritime Cybersecurity for Sustainable Development of Shipping and Trade”
Industry Session Forum: “Risk Management and Maritime Cybersecurity for Sustainable Development of Shipping and Trade” jointly organised by The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Shue Yan University, The University of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, was held on 12 June 2020.