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Prof LEUNG Chi Kin, Lawrence

Prof LEUNG Chi Kin, Lawrence
PhD (Virginia Tech)
MS (Virginia Tech)
BSIE (Northeastern University)

Dean, School of Decision Sciences
Professor (SCM)

Tel : (852) 3963 5371
Email : lleung@hsu.edu.hk

Professor Lawrence C Leung is Dean of School of Decision Sciences and a professor in the Department of Supply Chain and Information Management. Professor Leung’s teaching and research interests are in supply chain management and air cargo logistics management.

Grants TOP

..........RGC Grants..........
PI, "A Two-Stage Stochastic Programming Model and Managerial Issues in an Airfreight Forwarder’s Shipment Bidding and Logistics Planning",  $302,000, RGCGrant, with Hui Y.V., 2013.

PI, "An Airfreight Forwarder’s Aggregate Resource Planning under Uncertainty",  $302,000, RGC Grant, with Wong W.H. and Hui Y.V., 2010.

Co-I, "The study of two-period airfreight shipment plans with stochastic processing times", $302,000, RGCGrant, with Hui Y.V. (PI) and Wallace S., 2010.

PI, "A dynamic decision scheme for air cargo shipment planning with job bidding and resource trading", $411,000, RGC Grant, with Hui Y.V., 2006.

PI, "Air Cargo Logistics Integration and Consolidation on a 4th Party B2B Platform: Issues and Models", $501,732, RGC Grant, with Hui Y.V., Cheung W., and Chu S.C., 2002.

Co-I, "Economic Models for Airline Strategic Alliance: Passenger and Cargo Networks", $478,000, RGC Grant, with Hui Y.V. (PI) and Zhang A., 2002.

PI, "Designing an Air-express Courier's Service Network", $405,000, RGC grant, with Cheung W. and Cheng Hsu, 1999.

Co-I, "Risk Assessment and Risk Allocation of Infrastructure Projects", $540,000, RGC grant, with Hui Y.V. (PI) and Ho R., 1997.

..........INDUSTRY Grants..........
PI, "DTTN Standards for the Logistics Industry", $500,000, Accenture, with Chu S.C., Cheung W., and. Hui Y.V., 2002.

Co-I, "A Study of Air Cargo Logistics in Shanghai and Beijing", $500,000, Sun Hung Kai Corporation, with Cheung W. (PI), Hui Y.V., and Zhang A., 2000.

Selected Publications TOP

  • Ma H.L., Wong W.H., Leung L.C. and Chung S.H. "Facility sharing in business-to-business model: A real case study for container terminal operations in Hong Kong port", International Journal of Production Economics, 2019, (Available online: doi.org/10.1016/j.ijpe.2019.09.004)
  • Mo D.Y., Wang Y., Leung L.C. and Tseng M.M. “Optimal service parts contract with multiple response times and on-site spare parts”, International Journal of Production Research, 2019, (Available online: doi.org/10.1080/00207543.2019.1625487)
  • Wong W.H., Wong E., Mo D.Y. and Leung L.C. "Impact of cabotage relaxation in mainland China on the transshipment hub of Hong Kong", Maritime Economics & Logistics, 2018, 1-18
  • He W., Leung L.C., Hui Y.V. and Chen G. “An air freight forwarder’s resource planning and revenue management”, Journal of the Operational Research Society, March 2018, 294-309
  • Chen G., He W., Leung L.C., Lan T. and Han Y.  “Assigning licensed technicians to maintenance tasks at aircraft maintenance base: a bi-objective approach and a Chinese airline application” International Journal of Production Research, 2017,  1-14
  • Yuen A., Zhang A., Hui Y.V., Leung L.C. and Fung M. “Is developing air cargo airports in the hinterland the way of the future?”  Journal of Airport Management, Volume 61, 2017, 15–25
  • Leung L.C., Hui Y.V., Chen G. and Wong W.H. “Aggregate–disaggregate approach to an airfreight forwarder’s planning under uncertainty: a case study”, Journal of Operational Research Society, June 2017, Volume 68, Issue 6, 695–710
  • Leung L.C., Chen G., Hui Y.V. and He W."An Airfreight Forwarder's Shipment Bidding and Logistics Planning", Transportation Science. V50, 1, 2015, 275-287
  • Wang Y., He W., Hui Y.V. and Leung L.C. "A Two-Echelon Neighborhood Search Algorithm For a Forwarder’s Job Assignment In a Multi-agent Logistics Network", Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research, 2015, 32,3
  • Hui Y.V., Gao J., Leung L.C. and Wallace S.  "Airfreight forwarder's shipment planning under uncertainty: A two-stage stochastic programming approach", Transportation Research Part E, 2014, 66, 83-102.
  • Leung L.C., Wong W.H., Hui Y.V. and Wan Y.  "Managing Third-Party Logistics Under Uncertainty: A Decision Scheme and Managerial Implications", International Journal of Production Economics, 145, 2, 2013, 630–644
  • Zhou D., Leung L.C. and Pierskalla W.P. "Inventory Management of Platelets in Hospitals: Optimal Inventory Policy for Perishable Products with Regular and Optional Expedited Replenishments", Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Vol. 13, No. 4, 2011, 420-438
  • Wan Y., Wong W.H., Leung L.C. and Hui Y.V. "An airfreight forwarder’s shipment planning: simultaneous decisions on job, route and agent selection", International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics, 2,3, 2010, 249-266
  • Leung L.C., Hui Y.V., Wang Y. and Chen G. "A 0-1 LP model for the Integration and Consolidation of Air Cargo shipments", Operations Research, 57, 2, 2009, 402-412
  • Wong W.H., Zhang A., Hui Y.V. and Leung L.C. "Optimal Baggage Limit Policy: Airline Passenger and Cargo Allocation", Transportation Science, 43, 3, 2009, 355-369
  • Chou H., Cheung W. and Leung L.C. "Minimizing weighted tardiness of job-shop scheduling using a hybrid genetic algorithm", European Journal of Operational Research, 194, 3, 2009, 637-649
  • Wong W.H., Leung L.C. and Hui Y.V. "Airfreight Forwarder Shipment Planning: A Mixed 0-1 Model and Managerial Issues in the Integration and Consolidation of Shipments", European Journal of Operational Research, 193, 2009, 86-97
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  • Chu S.C., Leung L.C., Cheung W. and Hui Y.V. "A Conceptual Framework for an Analysis of Websites: An Evolutionary Perspective", Information and Management, 44, 2,  2007, 154-164
  • Zhang A., Lang, C., Hui, Y.V. and Leung L.C. "Competition and Alliance Models in Intermodal Transport Logistics", Transportation Research, part E, 43, 2007, 234-246

Books TOP

  • Chu S., Leung L.C., Hui Y.V., and Cheung W., 4th Party E-Business Platform for Air Cargo Logistics, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2004.
  • Zhang A., Hui G., Cheung W., Leung L.C., and Hui Y.V., Air Cargo in Mainland China and Hong Kong, Ashgate Publishing, 2004

Service on Editorial Boards TOP

  • Senior Editor of Operations Management Education Review
  • Associate Editor of Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research
  • Member of Editorial Board of International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics