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Dr NI Bing, Icy

Dr NI Bing, Icy
BSc (Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, NJUPT)

Lecturer (SCM)

Tel: (852) 3963 5237
Email: icyni@hsu.edu.hk
Dr. Bing NI holds a Bachelor of Computer Science, a Master of Computer Science, and a PhD in Computer Science & Engineering. Dr. NI has 10-year academic and industry experience in middle of the era of big data, working in HKUST, Huawei, ASTRI, Alephoson Biopharmaceuticals Ltd., and serving as a PT Lecturer in HSUHK. Her project and research outcomes have been published and presented in 10 transactions and conferences, and 11 patent clusters filed in the USA and China. Her project management experience includes acting as for Project Manager for PH-SPC grant funded by ITC, PI & Project Manager for research project funded by Huawei, and Project Manager & Deputy Project Coordinator for ITS/306/15FP funded by ITC. Specially, her main research interest lies in big data visual analytics and machine learning, and her research projects are related to adopting AI technologies & data mining techniques to understand data and pursue business intelligence in various domains, such as social media, telco, MOOCs, genomic discovery, and healthcare, etc.