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Dr WU Chun Ho, Jack

Dr WU Chun Ho, Jack
PhD (PolyU)
BEng (PolyU)

Associate Professor (SCM)
BMSIM Programme Director
Associate Head of Cloud Innovation School

Tel : 3963 5550
Email : jackwu@hsu.edu.hk
Dr Wu excels in his role with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) as a researcher with more than a decade of professional experience. Having held numerous roles with the university previously, his expertise precedes him. Over the years, Dr Wu worked closely with many industrial partners to support and contribute to the formulation of their business strategies, operations improvement and new product development. Dr Wu was the recipient of the Big Data Analysis Award from the China & Hong Kong Enterprise Market Development Association in 2014, the Best Reviewer Award for a journal entitled Internet Research in 2016, and the Outstanding Paper Award of Emerald Literati Network Awards in 2019. To stay at the top of his field, Dr Wu is a member (IEEE), a senior member (HKSQ), and a certified PMP, CCSK, CEP & SSBB. As he looks to the future, Dr Wu intends to continue researching in the fields of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and smart logistics & manufacturing. You can find more information on his publication and his peer review services in his ResearchGate, Google Scholar and Web of Science pages.

Research Interests TOP

  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Digital Transformation & Technology
  • Enterprise Information Systems
  • Healthcare Service Management

Books TOP

  • Wu, C.H., Ho, G.T.S., Xhafa, F., Ip, W.H. & Van Hille, R., Collective Intelligence for Smart Cities (1st Edition), Academic Press (2022). ISBN: 978-012-820139-8
  • Wu, C.H., Lam, C.H.Y., Xhafa, F., Tang, V. & Ip, W.H., IoT for Elderly, Aging and eHealth - Quality of Life and Independent Living for the Elderly, Springer: Cham (2022). ISBN: 978-303-093386-9
  • Ip, W.H., Tseng, K.K., Li, J.Q. & Wu, C.H., IoT: The Basic, Applications and Case Studies, DMATEK: Taichung City (2016). ISBN: 978-986-925-960-6 (in Chinese)
  • Ip, W.H., Tseng, K.K., Zeng, F.F. & Wu, C.H., System Design and Technology of Biomedical Internet of ThingsDMATEK: Taichung City (2014). ISBN: 978-986-84784-7-3 (in Chinese)

Selected Publications [affiliated with HSUHK/HSMC] TOP

Projects TOP

  • "Applying Innovation Resistance Theory to Understanding the Adoption of Delivery Apps in the Wine Industry”, University Grants Committee - RMGS, HK$2,925,000. Principal Investigator (700026) [completed 31-Dec-2023]
  • "A Blockchain-enabled IoT System for Pallet-pooling Management”, University Grants Committee - FDS, HK$595,800. Principal Investigator (UGC/FDS14/E06/20) [completed 30-Jun-2023]
  • "Interactive artificial intelligence assisted chatbot for self-improving oral English proficiency”, Education Bureau - QESS, HK$1,252,458. Principal Coordinator (12/QESS/2020) [completed 30-Nov-2022]
  • "Estimating Blockchain IoT Project Completion Times - Simulation and Analytic Approach”, University Grants Committee - RMGS, HK$933,333. Principal Investigator (700005) [completed 31-Dec-2022] *The project team also uses Simio under a grant from Simio LLC

Editorial Board Services TOP

Managing Editor/Associate Editor:
  • ME, Enterprise Information Systems, ISSN: 1751-7575 (SCI)
  • AE, International Journal of Engineering Business Management, ISSN: 1847-9790 (ESCI)
  • AE, Internet of Things; Engineering Cyber Physical Human Systems, ISSN: 2542-6605 (SCI)
  • AE, Journal of Organizational and End User Computing, ISSN: 1546-2234 (SCI/SSCI)
  • AE, Journal of Global Information Management, ISSN: 1062-7375 (SSCI)
Guest Editor:
  • Special Issue: "Sustainability, Innovation and Competition: Emerging Actors and Challenges in Supply Chain Management", Sustainability (MDPI), Closed.
  • Special Issue: "Service Automation with Data-driven Decision Analytics", Scientific Programming (Hindawi), Closed.
  • Special Issue: "Advanced Blockchain in Sensors for Logistics and Supply Chain 4.0", Security and Communication Networks (Hindawi), Closed.
Conference Proceedings Editor:
  • Wang, Taosheng, Patnaik, S., Wu, J.C.H., Varela, M.L.R. (Eds.), Applications of Decision Science in Management - Proceedings of ICDSM 2022, Springer: Singapore (2022). ISBN: 978-981-19-2767-6
  • Wu, J.C.H., Patnaik, S., Popentiu Vladicescu, F., Nakamatsu, K. (Eds.), Recent Developments in Intelligent Computing, Communication and Devices - Proceedings of ICCD 2019, Springer: Singapore (2021). ISBN: 978-981-15-5887-0

Teaching Modules TOP

  • MSIM3104/SCM6010: Project Management
  • MSIM3202: IT Infrastructure & Security
  • MSIM3203: Business Application Programming & Implementation
  • MSIM3211: Website Design & Development
  • MSIM4312: MSIM Research Project
  • SCM6014: E-Logistics & Technology Management