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The First Mentor-Mentee Meeting of the SCM Mentorship Scheme 2020/21

The SCM Mentorship Scheme aims at providing BBA-SCM and BMSIM students opportunities to receive career and professional development advice and guidance from industry professionals and experts. On behalf of the SCM Department, we would like to express our gratitude for mentors’ contributions to provide invaluable learning opportunities to our students over the years.

This year has witnessed a strong boost in the number of participants with 15 mentors and 35 mentees joined the Scheme. What is more encouraging and exciting is that about half of the mentors are SCM alumni who are eager to give back to our university. The first mentor-mentee meeting of the SCM Mentorship Scheme 2020/21 was successfully held on 16 January 2021 online. All mentees looked forward to meeting with their mentors for the first time.

During the meeting, all mentees had a better understanding of the Scheme through an introduction presented by the Scheme coordinator Dr. Danny Ho and an experience sharing by two previous mentees. They also got to know mentors through a self-introduction session led by Dr. Cathy Lam, and got acquainted with other mentees by playing an ice breaking game led by Mr. Timothy Chau. Through participating in a group discussion, mentors and mentees exchanged contacts and planned for next meetings near the end of the activity. All participants enjoyed the time with one another.

Screenshots during the online meeting