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Seminar on Emerging Technologies for Decision Analytics: Opportunities and Challenges

The seminar of “Emerging Technologies for Decision Analytics: Opportunities and Challenges” was held on 11 January 2023 for scholars, practitioners and students to explore the latest new opportunities and challenges on Emerging Technologies for Decision Analytics.

This seminar was conducted in a hybrid mode, with the Acting Director of Big Data Intelligence Centre, Dr. George Ho and Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) of School of Decision Sciences, Dr. Daniel Mo to welcome all participants and the guest speakers.

First, our guest speaker, Dr. Jason Chan (Project Consultant, Automated Systems (HK) Ltd), shared the topic of “Applying Scrum to Facilitate IT and Data Analytics Projects” in the event.  Then, Dr. Rocky Lam (Business Director, Vantis Consulting Group) and Dr. Harry Chow (Principal consultant, Vantis Consulting Group) shared their topics of “ESG Analytics for Better Tomorrow Globally” and “RPA for E-commerce in Metaverse Efficiency” for our participants.

During the seminar, our students and practitioners gained a better understanding of complex challenges and solutions in different data analysis projects to create valuable opportunities through emerging information technologies. In addition, the speakers also shared their insights into the environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) data analysis as well as the e-commerce cases studies of emerging technologies in Metaverse.

Overall, the seminar had been held successfully with a fruitful learning experience for our students with positive feedbacks.