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BMSIM students won the First Runner-up in the HSUHK X SCMP ENTREPRENEURSHIP CHALLENGE 2019

HSUHK X SCMP Entrepreneurship Challenge 2019 (E-Challenge) is an entrepreneurial idea competition organised by jointly the Wu Jieh Yee Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WUCIE) and the Department of Marketing of HSUHK together with South China Morning Post (SCMP). It aims at encouraging tertiary students in Hong Kong to transform their innovative ideas into entrepreneurial start-up actions with innovative ideas in technological, commercial, creative, cultural and social domains. All participants jointed the Entrepreneurship Day on 11th April, 2019 (Thursday) during which the finalist teams conducted their final pitch.

A three-member team, consisting of TANG Yinxiang (BMSIM), YIP Chun Ling (BMSIM), CHU Wai Man (BBA - Management), formed a team of “Bubble” to propose an innovative application in P2P tourism. Instead of travel information-sharing platform commonly found nowadays, “Bubble” enables tourists to get the most “localized” travel experience by connecting with locals in Hong Kong. The team was finally awarded the First Runner-up in the competition with a seed fund of HK$20,000 and HK$15,000 cash award. TANG Yinxiang and YIP Chun Ling would like to continue the proposed idea as their final year project under Dr Jack Wu’s supervision in following academic year.

BMSIM year 3 students – YIP Chun Ling (middle left) and TANG Yinxiang (middle right) teamed up with CHU Wai Man (1st right), a year 4 student from BBA – Management and got the 1st runner-up.

The team was interviewed by a journalist from SCMP after the award announcement.